Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Year and Then Some

That's about how long it has been since I've dedicated anything to writing on my blog. I have returned from Afghanistan, and gotten out of the military in the time since. I can't say that my feelings about how I view our country have changed, except to say that both my disgust and disappointment in some of my fellow countrymen has deepened.

I spent the last bit of time I had in the military reminding those who are now my replacements that their principle duty is outlined in their oaths of enlistment, and that the defense of the Constitution supersedes loyalty to the President or any of the officers appointed over them. I've repeatedly challenged their knowledge on this, hitting them often with the question, "How do you uphold and defend that which you don't know?" The simple answer is that they can't.

My own oath to the Constitution has not expired with my exit from the military, nor will it. Not so long as I draw breath and declare myself an American citizen.

I have left one form of service to our country, and feel myself called to political service, and not for the power. There isn't anything I want more, than to be able to go home, become a  tradesman, and work in my trade of choice to support myself and my family, and live in peace, without having to worry whether my government, my fellow citizens, the military, or law enforcement will decide it is expedient to try and deprive me of my rights, property, or life. I don't want to have to worry that the EPA, IRS, NSA, Department of Education, DOJ, FBI, or any other alphabet soup agency of the federal government is going to violate my rights, confiscate my property, or invade my privacy. Clearly, these are luxuries of which I have been deprived before I have even had the chance to enjoy them.

Resentment is too mild a word to describe how I feel, that what I would like is apparently too much to ask of my country. I have, over the last year or so, developed both a new mantra and a keener understanding, I think, of what really has infected our society.

My mantra has become: Certior Fiat, Parabuntur, Armari. Or, in English, Be Informed, Be Prepared, Be Armed.

I have come to understand two important concepts that I believe may be the keys to help our nation reverse course. The first, is the understanding that Justice and Fairness are two concepts which are NOT mutually inclusive. All that is JUST is FAIR, where all that is deemed FAIR is NOT JUST. To achieve this clarity, a distinct comprehension of the true nature of justice must be achieved. While I am not an advocate for the Platonic model of philosopher kings promoted by Plato, I do think, that through the vehicle of Socrates in, "The Republic", Plato lays out what I think to be a clear and rational expression of the nature of justice. I exhort you to read it for yourself, and come to your own conclusion, and hope that when it has been said and done, that you and I will agree.

The second idea, lies in recognizing the fundamental difference between human rights, and human demands. Our Bill of Rights, in the Constitution, is our prime example of human rights. They are distinct from so-called "human rights" in that there is no demand placed upon our fellow men by their exercise. Demands, on the other hand, are just that. Demands. Health care, contraceptives, education, employment, are all demands, and not rights, as they must be provided to the individual by another person or persons. Who among us has such a right as to demand any such thing with authority from our fellow men? The answer is that none of us do. There is no such thing as a right to Freedom from Fear, or to Freedom from Want. These are lies propagated by the progressive movement, which is merely a front for those whose true desire is to rule, and a poor front at that. An expressed desire to save men is often a disguise for the desire to rule them instead. That last is paraphrased, and I can't remember who, off the top of my head said it, but it doesn't ring any less true, I think, for all of that.

Finally, I plead with my fellow countrymen to do one of two things: get informed and involved on behalf of Liberty and Freedom, or take Samuel Adams' excellent advice. Don't be just a resident. Be a citizen, and know the difference.