Saturday, August 11, 2012

Coming Home

It's bittersweet. I'm coming home to a country I've begun to feel as if I don't know. To a country where it appears that it isn't okay to defend yourself, and it is morally superior to become a victim, rather than being able to protect yourself and take out the trash when necessary by using lethal force to eliminate threats to yourself, your family and your property. To a country, where if I'm not mistaken, the people seem to think they should be taken care of by the government, and that wanting to keep what you've earned is greed, while wanting to take the money of others is social justice. To a country full of government agencies, staffed by people who seem to forget that they are the servants of the public, and not our masters. To a country full of fearful people too willing to trade their liberties for the illusion of security. Freedom is not free, and we had each better remember that and be willing to fight to the death for its preservation, if not for ourselves, then for our descendents.

 I've done my duty. I've served in the military now for 13 years, through 4 deployments (3 to hostile countries), I've nearly been shot and blown up. I've suffered, as have so many others, through the loss of friends due to rules of engagement written by bureaucrats in order to assuage the guilt of their consciences. Some of those losses were simply the fortunes of war. Others have suffered far more, and others, far less. What of their sacrifices? They apparently amount to nothing, if you ask the American public, in my opinion. Do they, and I mean in the broad, general sense, understand that we are still at war? That the phrases, "Support our troops" and "Thank you for your service" are only so many meaningless words unless you back them with action?

How do I mean? Stay informed of current events, know what the government is up to and is planning, and vote. Vote to keep your individual liberties, vote to retain your right to bear arms of any and all types, vote to defend the Constitution.  Vote with wisdom and foresight, vote with the future you want to leave to your children in mind rather than for what you think the government as promised you for the present. Remember that voting is both right and privilege. Make sure your children understand their responsibility and role as citizens, and that when the time comes, they vote too. Otherwise, the sacrifices made by all who've come before are in vain.

I have voted for the elected offices in my home state, and will vote again for the Office of President of the United States this Fall. I hope that you will all do the same, and keep in mind that your very liberty to live your life as you will, without the interference of one government agency or another, to accept the good, bad and ugly that you experience in life, is at stake. Not just in this election, but every election. It is our duty and responsibility as citizens. Never forget that. Despite my hope for something better, I fear the country my daughter and other future children I may have, will inherit will not be one as free, and one as full of opportunity as the one that greeted me upon my arrival to adulthood. 

"I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it." -Thomas Jefferson